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Leave nest at first light!

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Great Tit Year science news edited by  Marko Mägi, bird ecologist at University of Tartu
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The first clutches of great tit chicks have left the nests. However, few of them will reach a reproductive age, because during the week after leaving the nest a great part will fall victims to predators. Having reached adult age the chances of living on further are relatively great and so it is extremely important precisely in the first weeks of life to make the right decisions outside the nesr and keep alive.

The first decision that the fledged chicks have to make is the time of leaving the nest – to leave in early morning, at mid-day or  even at dusk? Is there  a ”best time” for leaving the nest?

Review of events in osprey nest

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Image captured from webcam by Gavril, LK forum
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The first egg was hatched in the nest of osprey pair Mai and Mati in the evening of June 4th

Image from webcam captured by Helga LK forum

Teine kotkatibu koorus 5. juuni õhtuvalguses

The second osprey chick was hatched in the evening of June 5th

On the night to June 7th the most recently hatched chick probably died; the cause regrettably remains unknown.

VIDEO: Feeding time in osprey nest 1

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Video recorded by Urmas Lettwww.eenet.ee
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Osprey    Kalakotkas        Pandion haliaetus


A brief summary: the first egg appeared in the nest of osprey pair Mai and Mati on April 28, the others followed on May 1st  and 4th.

Osprey chicks have hatched from two eggs, on June 4th and 5th (as of Wednesday, June 8th).