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VIDEO: Survey of the nesting of ospreys Miina and Marko

Submitted by Looduskalender EN on Wed, 11.09.2019 - 11:00

Estonian text posted 28,08,2019-09-11

Images from the nesting period compiled by  Marcos, LK forum



Osprey         Kalakotkas       Pandion haliaetus 


So the nesting of the ospreys in camera view has ended this year.

Our thanks to the viewers, the attentive members of the LK forum and their great work in covering the events.in the forum

Young bird  Juuli will be three months old on August 30 – a fair wind in Juuli’s wings!

Web camera image selected by  Sova, LK forum


Greater spotted eagle nest is not yet empty...

Submitted by Looduskalender EN on Wed, 11.09.2019 - 10:55

Web camera image  Moira, LK forum
Estonian text posted 26.08.2018

Male Tõnn and young bird  Tuule in the nest


Greater spotted eagle      Suur-konnakotkas       Clanga clanga  


The camera images have not been possible to see  for a long time, the sun is already low on the horizon and the solar panels no longer manage to feed the batteries, but on Sunday the web camera worked.

VIDEO: Summary of black stork pair’s breeding summer

Submitted by Looduskalender EN on Wed, 11.09.2019 - 10:50

Video edited by  Solo, LK forum
Estonian text posted 26.08.2019



Black stork     Must-toonekurg        Ciconia nigra


Starting today (August 26) the webcam will stop transmission from the web camera for this season. As a reminder, here is  a small summary of the nesting of female Kati and male Karl.

Web camera images by Tatjana, LK forum


Esimesena lahkus rännule kurepoegadest Oru (716O) ja seda 10. augustil

How the beaver survived the drought

Submitted by Looduskalender EN on Sat, 24.08.2019 - 10:19

Posted by the Animal of the Year Team

During the drought in July the beaver acted like a true master builder and prepared for even worse to come. The mid-summer dry spells drained smaller creeks and ponds. The earlier flow of water ended and the water level in the beaver habitat started to drop. It was the last minute to check the dams and to seal them.


In the video we see the beaver adjusting the dam and adding more willow branches for more  security.

VIDEO: Keila River fish in camera view

Submitted by Looduskalender EN on Sat, 24.08.2019 - 10:12

Text written and illustrations selected by  Tiit Huntwww.rmk.ee
Estonian text posted 20.08.2019

The weighty fish contingent has not started their journey yet: they might reach the Keila   River estuary perhaps in a month at the earliest. Sooner or later – depending on weather and the water conditions the very large salmons and sea trout come in camera view and maybe  groups of tens of river lampreys that soon begin to gather in the river to be prepared early for the springtime spawning .


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