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By train to Riga

Submitted by Looduskalender EN on Sat, 26.11.2016 - 12:49

Text Kristel Vilbaste
Photo from Vikipeedia
Translation Liis

The railway station building in Tartu in 2014

When I lived at the Peipsi shore for seven years train travel in Estonia became unfamiliar to me. There were simply no trains to Mustvee. From time to time we collected birch whisks and picked wild strawberries from the old railway embankment.

The only railway trips during that period I made in Europe, mostly from an airport to the city. Once, yes, I travelled a longer distance by train, from Malaga on the Spanish sun coast to Cordoba. Train travel was slower than by air, more troublesome and actually probably more expensive.

VIDEO: "Seal carpet" on Saaremaa western coast

Submitted by Looduskalender EN on Sat, 26.11.2016 - 12:44

Video record  Urmas Lettwww.eenet.ee
Translation Liis



Grey seal     Hallhüljes     Halichoerus grypus


Actually the seals began to gather at the beginning of the thaw, on Thursday. How did the ”greys” know that it would turn into a long-lasting thaw?

Judged by a glance it can be believed that there are well over three hundred there. Where many are together things always happens …

Badger now

Submitted by Looduskalender EN on Sat, 26.11.2016 - 12:34
värske mägrajälg
Fresh print. The badger’s steps resemble the trail of a tiny bear. The five toes and claws can be clearly counted.
Photo: Tiit Hunt

Posted by the Animal of the Year team, 19.11.2016 

In the Saaremaa badger camera we saw most recently five sturdy animals on November 5, just before the arrival of frost and snow. On November 12 when we finished transmitting for this year from the badger sett and brought the camera to the red deer site the thermometer again went back gently to the plus side and drizzle.