Badger Year 2016

How do the boars manage?

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A year ago there were still plenty of boars in Estonia and Latvia. There were enough for photographers too. The photo is made at the feeding ground and participated in the 2015 Estonian-Latvian photo contest “Wild boar – a real pig”.
Photo: Kristers Porietis

Posted by the Animal of the Year team 16.12.2016

The third year in the shadow of the African Swine Fever is ending and we ask Tõnis Korts, the executive director of the Estonian Hunters’ Society if there are boars in the forest and if there is some relief in the  worries of hunters compared to last year.  The main weight of pest control has after all fallen on the hunters.

Bear asleep

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karu magamisase
Bear den at Kõrvemaa, where a mother bear and two young bears slept.
Photo: Vahur Sepp

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The badger is in its winter sleep, but what about the bears?
November started with snowfalls and minus degrees. Nature quickly took on a wintery aspect. At the same time the ground was unfrozen and under the snow there was even water in shallow spots.

Result of badger survey: slightly rising trend in population number

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The badger survey found that badgers were in good shape.
Photo: Tarmo Mikussaar

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This year the first badger monitoring in Estonia took place. It was an important enterprise  with regard to the animal of the year. In the beginning of the year we did not know the status of the badger population. It could be guessed that badgers were not too badly off since they  are observed here and there all the time, but nothing more precise than a conjecture could be stated until now.  Since there is no great hunting interest in badgers data collected by hunters are not available either.

Capricious autumn left frogs out late

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külmumine veekogus
The common or grass or brown frog that is to the menu of the Animal of the Year, the badger, spends the winter buried in mud at the bottom of water bodies. This year’s first snow startled all cold-blooded creatures into using any paths in the snow to reach the waters quickly. But they were not caught in a badger’s jaws because badgers preparing for winter sleep have finished feeding by that time.
Photo: Tarmo Mikussaar

Posted by the Animal of the Year team 07.12.2016

On the threshold of early winter let us glance at the autumn this year. The peculiarity of the 2016 autumn was the early snow. Already on October 25 the first snowmen appeared in Estonia. True, their life was not long..

Video: Badger in snowfall in final video from Latvian Animal of the Year

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A video of the Latvian badgers, from spring to the All Souls time 2016. It is especially nice to see at the end of the video the badger on the doorstep of his burrow on St Martin’s day this year. The snow keeps falling, the badger sits calmly and does not even think of creeping into the burrow. We also see in the video, in addition to the four badgers, hazel grouse, raccoon dogs, a wolf and other animals. The video is recorded in the Mežaparks ground, with 9 cameras at three setts.

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