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Half an hour at the deer site

Submitted by Looduskalender EN on Sat, 16.12.2017 - 10:36

Video and presentation Tiit
Translation Liis

Estonian text posted 14.12.1217


You will see no deer at the feeding site at noon but recently two-legged creatures made a guest appearance.

When the deer site was ”clean” of deer we decided together with RMK hunting specialist Uno Vait to go on camera ourselves and talk about the animals.

We talked about how the deer once came to Saaremaa and where they can be seen today, how their hooves work and how it is with their antlers.

In addition to the deer talk all kinds of other creatures that have been encountered on the deer ground and what  feats they have performed there. also came up.

But have a look at the video yourself!

Living in pre-winter

Submitted by Looduskalender EN on Sat, 16.12.2017 - 10:27

Photo Arne Ader

Estonian Weather Services: snow chart

Estonian text posted 13.12.2017 

Pärast lumesadu

After a snowfall


Pre-winter is a period with  changeable weather when the snow cover is temporary, short periods of frost alternate with thaw and a white carpet appears repeatedly.

Already tomorrow the view of Estonia may change because the weather services foretell storm winds to the evening and varying precipitation including icy rain.

Daylight is scarce, just over 6 hours and until the beginning of astronomical winter there are  not even ten days, or to December 21 at 16.28 .


Thickness of snow cover on 12.12.2017 at 08 EET

Eel population in bad state

Submitted by Looduskalender EN on Thu, 14.12.2017 - 10:35

Photo Vikipeedia        

Estonian text posted 11.12.2017


European eel; Common eel    Euroopa angerjas or harilik angerjas        Anguilla Anguilla

The European Commission has proposed a ban on eel fishing in the Atlantic and the Baltic and changes in the internal domestic conservation arrangements of several countries.

It seems that the proposal comes too late although imported eels are still being sold in well stocked supermarkets.