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Ancient holiday

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Photo Arne Ader

Translation Liis

Reheahi. Sepp Mart Salumaa

Threshing barn furnace. Smith Mart Salumaa

Many linguists are of the opinion that the Estonian word jõul (roughly Yule) is borrowed from the ancient Scandinavian language around a thousand years ago. But there are those who think that we have to do with our own indigenous word.

From time to time. Christmas starts at the winter solstice  and ends a few days after the new year. “Ajastaeg” is an old Estonian concept meaning year round. It expresses recognition of the world and awareness of the cycle of time and life and more broadly the oneness of world and being.

How do the boars manage?

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A year ago there were still plenty of boars in Estonia and Latvia. There were enough for photographers too. The photo is made at the feeding ground and participated in the 2015 Estonian-Latvian photo contest “Wild boar – a real pig”.
Photo: Kristers Porietis

Posted by the Animal of the Year team 16.12.2016

The third year in the shadow of the African Swine Fever is ending and we ask Tõnis Korts, the executive director of the Estonian Hunters’ Society if there are boars in the forest and if there is some relief in the  worries of hunters compared to last year.  The main weight of pest control has after all fallen on the hunters.

Estonian forest management must become sustainable and made understandable to the public

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Estonian Fund for Nature  informs
Photo Arne Ader
Translation Liis

Kuusik. Elva jõe ürgorg

Spruce forest,  Elva River ancient  valley
Estonian article published 09.12.2016

The environmental organisations and the researchers from the University of Tartu and the Estonian University of Life Sciences who met in Tartu on December 8 considered  the current status of forest management and tried to find solutions that would improve the protection of Estonian forests. A joint statement underlined that Estonia must not pursue a forest policy that uses the wood resources at the expense of the future, is  hostile to the climate and not transparent to the public. A proposal will be made to the Ministry of the Environment to take in account also the ecological and social values of forests besides the economic interests, and to involve the respective interest groups in this on an equal  footing in creating a policy.