Yellow-breasted bunting next to share the fate of the passenger pigeon?

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Estonian text  posted 30.10.2017

The passenger pigeon (Ectopistes migratorius) that lived in North America in the 19th century and whose flocks consisted of several billions of birds has probably been the most numerous bird species in the world.

More schools with trail cameras

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The memory card goes into the computer already in the forest. Teacher Janek Joab checks on the spot who have passed the camera this time?
Photo: Tarmo Mikussaar


Posted by the Animal of the Year Team in Estonian 27.10.2017
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Over 10 schools have responded to the appeal from the Animal of the Year Team to school classes to set up trail cameras in the forest. Among them are also schools in the countryside and small towns. Teacher Janek Joab from the Antsla Gymnasium tells us why the children need trail cameras.

Estonian scientists to help protect greater spotted eagles in Belarus

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Information from Estonian  University of  Life Sciences

Photo Ülo Väli
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Estonian text posted on 13.10.2017

Sander is one of the birds provided with a transmitter that registers the migration path of the bird. Based on a DNA investigation Sander has turned out to be a hybrid of greater and lesser spotted eagle.