Spring is here!

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Photos Arne Ader
Translation Liis

Vaher õitseb

Maple flowering


Maple; Norway maple        Harilik vaher         Acer platanoides


The plant world shows the beginning of spring. The flowering of maples announces the end of early spring. In southern Estonia the maples started flowering last week, in Mulgimaa on Saturday and with the warm days the flowering reached the northern coast.

Many species in beaver webcam area

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Text Tiit Huntwww.rmk.ee
Translation Liis

At the beavers’ lodge a surprisingly lively activity goes on and the beavers have become steadily more active as May proceeds and reluctantly grows warmer. The beavers have been seen busy in camera view in daylight, dusk, at night and at dawn. Daytime seems mainly to be used for rest for the beavers. Four beavers at once in camera view is the current record.

Food begging calls of hatched chicks heard from starling nest box

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News item from Linnuvaatlejawww.linnuvaatleja.ee

Translation Liis

On observing the activities of the starlings at the nest boxes it can be concluded from the sounds of chicks begging for food that despite the late and chilly spring many starlings already have hatched chicks.

Today, on May 14th, there were 1 to 3 days old chicks in 5 out of 6 inspected nests in Vana-Kuuste in Tartumaa. Only in one nest there were still eggs but there the starlings did begin the egg-laying about one week later than the others.

VIDEO: About elk calves

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Video recorded by Mats Kangur

Photo Jaan Mitt

Translation Liis


The adult knows what the calf will manage at its age


Elk (N America also Moose)      Põder          Alces alces


Elk cows started giving birth in Estonian forests in the last week of April, but the elk population will increase during the whole of May.