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All is well with the jackals in the web camera

Submitted by Looduskalender EN on Wed, 14.11.2018 - 17:07

Text and images Tiit Hunt, www.rmk.ee

English translation Liis

Estonian text posted 12.11.2018

The choice of location for the jackal camera has really been successful. Not a single day has passed as yet without jackals in camera view. It seems that the camera is at a path of the jackals that they patrol several times a day. As soon as the jackals disappear out of sight the foxes are there and the other way about; so they alternate in the darkness. Small morsels behind the rock attracts them and makes them stay around a little longer here. 

Lynx at close quarters

Submitted by Looduskalender EN on Mon, 12.11.2018 - 11:06

The expressive photo of a lynx photographed at close quarters in a springtime branch thicket is currently also part of the Animal of the Year photo exhibition ”Secret paths of forest cat” in the RMK Tallinn office.

Photos: Remo Savisaar
Estonian text posted by Animal of the Year Team 03.11.2018

English translation Liis



One spring day a friend living at the Peipsi shore called to tell me that he had met a lynx and also noted a prey animal killed by this lynx - a roe deer. I asked him about the landscape and conditions there and advised him how he might get good photos of the lynx. I had been in such a situation myself and I knew that a lynx usually returns to a freshly slain roe deer.

Some hedgehogs still moving around

Submitted by Looduskalender EN on Sat, 10.11.2018 - 12:29

Photos Arne Ader

English translation Liis

Estonian text posted 07.11.201


Siil vahtra all

Hedgehog under maple


European hedgehog      Harilik siil         Erinaceus europaeus

Despite the cold weather last week hedgehogs have still been seen moving around. In North Estonia grass still grows, between the fallen leaves there are still edible things to be found and in daytime there are ten degrees of warmth. In such autumn grey weather hedgehogs can be seen around even in broad daylight.

Jackals busy in camera view

Submitted by Looduskalender EN on Tue, 06.11.2018 - 16:08

Videos recorded by Urmas Lettwww.eenet.ee and Fleur, LK forum

 English translation Liis

Estonian text posted 05.11.2018


Cautious animal on Friday night



Jackal, Golden jackal     Šaakal or harilik šaakal          Canis aureus

A comparatively new animal in our nature: only in 2011 they were thought to exist in Estonia and in 2012 the first animal was shot in the Matsalu area.

In their traditional habitats their social living and cleverness is valued  despite the fact that they clearly cause damage in the surrounding nature.

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