Two eggs in osprey nest

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Screencap from webcam Gavril, LK forum

Estonian text posted 24.04.2019

Two nice eggs and both adults in camera view


Osprey        Kalakotkas     Pandion haliaetus


The new osprey pair has been named Miina (the female) and  Marko (the male)by the forum members.

On Sunday, April 21st, Miina laid the first egg. Ospreys as a rule lay the eggs with an interval of a day because the creation of the large egg in the body of the female takes time. In the second half of Tuesday the second egg was in the nest, thus on April 23rd.

Chicks hatched from all five owl eggs

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Screencap from webcam  Maggy, LK forum
Estonian text  posted 25.04.2019
English translation Liis

When Klaara left the nest hollow in the tree trunk it was clear that all of the tawny owl pair’s eggs had been fertilized


Tawny owl       Kodukakk        Strix aluco


In fact the hatching of the last owl chick started already last night (see the lower of the webcam images).

Looking at the hatching dates of the chicks it may be argued that the last chicks do not have very much hope of survival.

The order  of the hatching of the chicks: April 18th, 19th, 20th, 22nd and  25th.

Four owl chicks and one egg

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Screencap from webcam Timea, LK forum
Estonian text  posted 22.04.2019
English translation Liis

The chick hatched today is lowest down  in the image …


Tawny owl         Kodukakk       Strix aluco


When the owl chicks were fed Klaara went out on her evening trip at a few minutes to ten o’clock.

The owl  chick that was hatched today is quite tiny compared to the older ones. In the nest trunk hollow four owl chicks are growing including the one hatched today; hatchings on April 18th, 19th, 20th and 22nd.

VIDEO: First egg in greater spotted eagle nest

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Video recorded by  Tatjana, LK forum
Estonian text posted 23.04.2019
English translation Liis

The video shows the last stage of the egg-laying…


Greater spotted eagle      Suur-konnakotkas        Clanga clanga


Last year Tiiu laid an egg one day earlier, this year on April 23rd at 19.34.

Screencap from  webcam  Askja, LK forum


Konnakotkaste pesas esimene muna

…in this image we also see the egg.

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