Beaver’s neighbour – American mink

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Moving along beaver paths you may also meet other semi-aquatic animals. Most frequently the American mink can be seen.
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Compared to the beaver the mink is a quite small creature. A nature observer novice  may even wonder whether they see an otter or a mink. The mink is small, body length stops at 30-47 cm, the otter is half as much longer than the mink – body length 60-90 centimetres. As always with semi-aquatic animals minks and otters move out of  water too, splashing at the verge of the ice or along the bank of a water body. You will see their respective tails then and determine whom you have to do with from that. The tail of the mink is beautiful and fluffy! The otter has a rather stick-like tail.




PICTURE STORY: Roe deer in home garden

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Images: Tiia and Ain Panek
English translation Liis


In East Virumaa there is enough snow



Roe deer           Metskits or kaber       Capreolus capreolus


How and why do wild animals find their way into a home garden?

We can only guess, and there may be quite a number of different reasons but probably that household has no dog, the entrance to the yard is not closed with a gate and the animal felt secure for almost a week.

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