VIDEO: Second egg in lesser spotted eagle nest

Submitted by Looduskalender EN on Fri, 10.05.2019 - 11:47

Video recorded by  Liz, LK forum
Estonian text posted 09.05.2019
English translation Liis

So the egg came into the nest


Lesser spotted eagle   Väike-konnakotkas     Aquila pomarina    


The female has laid the eggs into the nest at extremely long intervals so it might have been supposed that she would be incubating only one egg.

The first egg was in the nest on May 2nd  and the next one  not until May 7th at about four o’clock in the afternoon. Most usually there are two eggs in a lesser spotted eagle nest. Of the hatched chicks almost without exception only one fledges because the weaker chick perishes before it becomes fully fledged.

Three owl chicks in nest trunk

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Screencap from webcam  Maggy, LK forum
Estonian text posted 09.05.2019
English translation Liis

Three owl chicks remain in the nest trunk hollow


Tawny owl        Kodukakk           Strix aluco


That this might happen at some time watchers have already been forewarned about. In the later half of yesterday the fourth owl chick had become quite weak for several reasons.

The three owl chicks were hatched on April 18th, 19th and 20th and they will be three weeks old at the weekend. Klaara also stopped keeping the chicks warm this week but comes to feed them and keeps an eye on the chicks by being near the nest in daytime .

Beavers honour private property

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The family life of the largest rodent of Europe is largely similar to that of humans.
Photo: Tarmo Mikussaar
Estonian text posted by the Animal of the Year Team 05.05.2019
English translation Liis


The whole beaver family lives in a defined territory. Beavers honour private property.

The centre of the activity of the beaver family is the home – a lodge pile or in case of a high shoreline, nest burrows. The borders of the territory are marked with secretion. All family members leave their message on the tussocks with secretion. They are like border posts. An alien co-specific will find all information about the family group on studying this bulletin board  and understands that the individual who approaches closer will be in danger. 


Wolves are territorial animals

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The Voyageurs Wolf Project video perfectly demonstrates the wolves’  seriousness and serious perception of  their territory. The video has data from the GPS collars of members of six different neighbouring wolf packs.

Video source: Voyageurs Wolf Project
Estonian text posted by the  Animal of the Year Team 06.05.2019
English translation GoogleTranslate (edited)


Tawny owl chicks two weeks old

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Screencap from webcam  Maggy, LK forum
Estonian text posted 04.05.2019
English translation Liis

Image from this morning of the owl family in the nest trunk


Tawny owl        Kodukakk         Strix aluco


The webcam image shows the difference in size between the three older chicks and the fourth that was hatched two days later than the first three.

Mother Klaara has no longer time to feed the chicks individually and the fight for survival between the owl chicks is on, altough it is not conscious but rather as human thinking sees it.

At the end of May the chicks start leaving the nest trunk

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