About jackals in winter and the name common jackal

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Text and webcam records Tiit Huntwww.rmk.ee
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MatsaluBay has frozen to a large open field and the paths of the jackals now in winter seem to run in wider sweeps, the sea is no longer an obstacle that keeps the animals firmly on the shore areas. The tracks of two jackals have been observed  running across the bay.

VIDEO: Why does the beaver’s coat not get wet in water?

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Video recorded by  Ahto Täpsi
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Small spring-fed streams flow in the hilly landscape where the beaver family is active and has its winter life


Beaver         Kobras ehk piiber         Castor fiber


There is soon cause to discuss the life of beavers – at the end of February their heat period starts.

When a beaver dives, a line of small air bubbles remains along its path. The fur of the animal is not wetted but for this it has to take care. Its fur consists of an extremely dense undercoat through which water cannot penetrate and rougher and longer upper hairs.

The air layer in the undercoat protects the beaver against wetting as well as cooling off.

Winter garden bird feeder camera – mammals at the feeder

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The Nordic winter is a harsh challenge not only for birds but also for mammals. Some bats fly to spend winter in warmer parts of Europe, others stay to hibernate at home. Bears, badgers, raccoon dogs, dormice, birch mice and hedgehogs also hibernate. Many quadrupeds however remain to face  hunger and cold and so do not even shy off from the dangerous proximity of humans when  searching for food and shelter. Smaller mammals – for  instance some rodents - also visit the birdfeeders.


Squirrel / Photo:  Arne Ader (www.loodusemees.ee)

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