Is the starling clutch complete?

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Screencap from webcam  Biker, LK forum
Estonian text posted 28-04-2019

Today there are six eggs in the starling nestbox


Starling        Kuldnokk        Sturnus vulgaris


Everybody kjnows the starling but it is still worthwhile to keep an eye on the nesting of the spring-.

The female laid the first egg on April 22nd. Often there are five or six eggs in a clutch. The incubation lasts about twelve days. Accordingly we may expect hatching of the starling chicks before May 10th.

VIDEO: Weatherfish in fish camera

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Text and illustrations  Tiit
Estonian text posted 26.04.2019
English translation Liis




Weatherfish         Vingerjas      Misgurnus fossilis


A weatherfish turned up in the fish camera in Võrtsjärv. There are certainly those who have not even heard of this protected fish species, so it may be a good time to be introduced to this fish as it starts its spawning. An interesting creature that was earlier kept in water containers to predict the weather .

Water stick insect in fish camera

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Screencap from webcam Toivo
Estonian text posted 23.04.2019
English translation Liis



Water stick insect         Nõelhark       Ranatra linearis


This creature belongs to the Nepidae or Water scorpion insects, and appeared yesterday in camera view in the Võrtsjärv water meadow.

Those who move in mainland water bodies are probably more familiar with the water scorpion  Nepa cinerea with its leaf-like body. The stick water insect (see images) is seen less often .

Boar and white hare in children’s trail camera

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Posted by the Animal of the Year Team 13.04.2019
English translation Liis


That all kinds of animals like to lick salt is well known. Now the children saw that hares are no exception. In the trail camera of the Kiviõli children the hare (mountain or snow or white hare, Lepus timidus) even stands up to get at the salt cube on the pole. There is a glimpse of its black ear tips too.


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