Wild boar forest camera

Transmission courtesy of  KERNEL and  EENet
Translation: Liis


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The Wild Boar Forest Camera starts the new season today, December 7th. Snow cover in the area is about fifteen centimetres but the ground is not frozen yet. The boars can still forage successfully in the forest. For the sows the heat period is coming. The Ilmatsalu boars are harassed by a lone wolf in the same region but the male boar will soon start moving at the rear of the herd. We will keep you informed about what is going on.
The Ilmatsalu hunters cater for the food of our forest inhabitants – many thanks to them! The Looduskalender forum is sure to capture all interesting events and developments.
We use a Mobotix web camera. Urmas Lett, of EENet, will adjust the image quality soon – because of the snowfall today it is difficult to get quite perfect settings.
KERNEL organizes the video stream transmission from the forest to Tartu and
EENet multiplies the stream for viewers.
The direct stream image can be viewed without leaving the web in the web player, that can be used in Windows, Linux and Mac OS settings.
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