VIDEO: Black grouse mating display has started

Video recorded by Ahto Täpsi
Photo Arne Ader
Translation Liis
…and it is no solitary cooing but a quite real mating display
Black grouse; Blackgame   Teder    Tetrao tetrix
Earlier, an observation hut or tent was traditionally set up on Women’s day so that it was in place and changes in the bog landscape would not upset the birds. This year high water is already here and we have only had three weeks of serious winter in January. There will certainly be cold periods again that will dampen the display urge of the black grouse cocks, and we don’t even know how the hens regard it all. We will certainly let you know how things stand, but we don’t want to start describing the display or lek period of these large magnificent birds too early. The black grouse display in the photo by Arne  below took place in the second half of April.
Black grouse display or lek




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