Great tit stamp for letters available

Info from Eesti Post 
The great tit is familiar to all with its yellow belly with the black lengthwise band and the black head and large white cheek patches. In Estonia it is a widely spread and common breeding bird that inhabits all kinds of tree stands – forests, parks, gardens. It usually builds its nest in a tree hollow or a nest box. While insects and their larvae are the basic food of great tits in summer, they eat a variety of different seeds in winter.  In winter the great tit is a common visitor at birdfeeders – it particularly likes the sunflower seeds and lard that people offer. The Estonian Ornithological Society elects Estonian birds of the year beginning from 1995. There is more to read about the great tit on the home page of the Bird of the Year: LINK
The stamp went on sale on 17.02.2016. It has been designed by  Vladimir Taiger.




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