VIDEO: "Stalker"

Video recorded by Fleur, LK forum
Translation Liis
Gray seal     Hallhüljes       Halichoerus grypus
The seal camera works for the second day, the sun travels high enough to charge the batteries from the solar panels and wake them up.
Certainly some seal pups have already seen daylight. The gray seals must manage on the islets when sea ice is lacking but they can handle it. The water level is high and so the camera has been redirected slightly downwards (it can be done remotely). There have been storms in the last few days and for the evening the weather services again foretells winds from west, up to 15 m/s. Air temperature is around a couple of degrees and the water maybe a degree cooler.
If weather has permitted, seal researchers and brothers Ivar and Mart Jüssi have usually been there around February 10th to count seal pups and survey conditions. If all works out well we can bring in the batteries for charging and if needed change the camera settings in connection with this trip.
On the Väinameri there is some solid ice, our few ringed seals should be having their pups there.
A young white-tailed eagle, with dark plumage, settles on the piece of land to survey the surroundings




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