VIDEOS: Between two storms

Videos recorded by Fleur and Aita, LK forum
Translation Liis
The south-westerly storm on Thursday last week made us worry about how our camera system has withstood the Baltic winds. There have been occasions when pieces have had to be collected from all over the islet.
For Friday 29th, north-westerly wind was forecast: this is the “broom of heaven” and some sunshine could be expected. The webcam gave some signs of life in the afternoon …
The gusts of Thursday’s south-westerly did not exceed 20 m/s but for now somewhat stronger winds were promised. In the evening video we see a wind speed of 12-14 m/s. The seawater level was only half a metre above the Kronstadt zero and such a water level constitutes no risk for the mainland. Air and water temperatures were almost the same, 2 degrees.
In the daytime video we see herring gulls and mew gulls, hooded crow, raven, and a young white-tailed eagle enjoying the doings of gray seals on the shore.
In the evening the grays again gathered on the shore; whether the storm allowed them to lounge around the whole night is another question. Wave height in the open sea was forecast to be up to 4 meters; the night before the water masses were already set to move quite considerably. Note how the storms of this winter have changed the shore in front of the camera.
Births in large numbers have not started yet. Seal researchers Ivar ja Mart Jüssi plan to carry out their annual pup count around February 10th , weather permitting. By that time we might also get the batteries charged again. Interesting times are coming.




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