Preliminary results of Winter Garden Bird Count

Info from Estonian Ornithological Society
Photo Arne Ader
Translation Liis
Greenfinch and great tit
During the Winter Garden Bird Count that took place on the previous weekend for the 7th time more than 40 000 birds from at least 60 species were noted according to preliminary results. By Monday morning 2000 bird enthusiasts had forwarded their observations, and they had made the observations in 1400 places all over Estonia. Remaining results from the weekend can be submitted until February 7th.
The most numerous species was once more the Bird of the Year, the great tit, that made up more than 26% of the total number of observed birds. As in previous years the greenfinch, tree sparrow and house sparrow and the blue tit were among the five most abundant species.
The observation result was clearly influenced by the long thaw period which made the need of the birds for extra food from birdfeeders less urgent. The average number of birds in an observation spot was thus 25% lower than usual; several watchers told about a total lack of birds. The fact that two-thirds of the observers heard the first calls of great tits during the observation days or in the week before also points to extraordinarily spring-like conditions.
The Estonian Ornithological Society thanks all who took part in the garden bird count!
We would like to remind once more that not yet entered observations should be submitted by February 7th. The results can be entered on the home page of the garden bird count: LINK
Or sent by mail (Eesti Ornitoloogiaühing, Veski 4, Tartu 51005). On the home page above you can see all already entered observations and their locations on the map in real time. We also look forward to results from those places where no birds were seen during the observation hour, because the lack of birds is as important information as the presence of birds. The final summary will be published at the end of February.
More information if needed from:
Aarne Tuule, co-ordinator of the winter garden bird count




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