Seal camera works

Webcam image captured by Bea, LK forum
Translation Liis
The camera has been turned a little more towards east
Gray seal       Hallhüljes        Halichoerus grypus
In the stormy weather of this year a calm day was hard to find.
About the situation then: the pupping of grey seals started about two weeks ago, with the beginning of February: the bigger seal pups look this old. There were about 20 of them on the isle but that nearly 50% die is worrying. When the active period on the isle has ended seal researchers Mart and Ivar Jussi will be able to tell  more in detail about the situation.
The sea was calm, the wind came in gusts from the north-east, about 4 m/s. Air and water temperature about plus one and a half degree and the water level about twenty centimetres higher than the usual. In addition to the main actors, 7 white-tailed eagles are active on the islet.
The autumn and winter storms have changed the shore outline quite significantly, so the camera had to be set somewhat more towards east to get a wider view of events.
Olle replaced the batteries and adjusted the timer (by sight) so that the camera will turn off in dark in order to save battery power; they should have time to load the video of what was going on in the evening.
In about ten days Mart and Ivar will organize the next survey and get more information.
From left, Martin, Mart and Olle,  starting to  go back. The grays peer at the departing humans from quite close quarters (Web camera image by Cax)  




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