VIDEO: Seal pups in camera view

Video recorded by mobile by Olle Koert,
Translation Liis
Gray seal    Hallhüljes      Halichoerus grypus
While Olle checked the camera system the mobile was set to record how two seal pups spend their time while waiting for their mother to arrive to the feeding spot.
Good that the little companions keep together: the older may already be more than 10 days old and such a creature manages to resist the harassing of white-tailed eagles. The smaller one seems to be at most half that age. The silly little thing doesn’t care from whom it begs milk, the main thing is to be warm and in company.  The females recognize their babies by smell but by voice too; the pups stray around. Suckling lasts nearly 3 weeks. At birth the pups weigh 10-12 kilos; thanks to the richness of the seal milk the weight increases by a couple of kilos per day.
We hope to to have quite a lot more about their doings to tell you in the coming weeks.




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