Eagles Winter Webcams (beta)

Transmission provided by Televõrgu AS
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Just before Friday's rain and darkness set in we got the camera working, though we've still got some fine tuning to do. In Saturday morning's twilight, Tiit Randla "set the table" and by around 8:30 a.m. a magpie (Pica pica) couple had arrived—and a few minutes later a buzzard (Buteo buteo). They all somehow managed to get along just fine.

In the left column we'll begin to introduce our guests, the first being the magpie. Who else came out in this foul weather? A crow, raven, jaybird, and one daring great tit (Parus major). Aivar Veide's experienced eagleman's ear registered the voice of the white-tailed eagle (Haliaetus albicilla) who announced himself nearby.


Photo: Mats Kangur
The feeding platform camera gets connected.
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