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Test and illustration Tiit Kändler
Translation Liis
 July 2015. Stove heating, immigration, evolution
The dead sleep hours
Scientists have established that:
a) If you loose half of your sleep you will have difficulties in getting at your long-term memory in stressful situations; 
b) If you sleep less at night your weight will increase and you are at risk of developing diabetes and coronary diseases; 
c) If you sleep less at night you are more likely to suffer from depression.
Non-scientists have established that:
a) If you cannot remember important things, you try frantically to recollect them and cannot sleep.
b) If you are overweight and diabetic and your heart state is a concern, you cannot sleep.
c) If you suffer from depression, you cannot sleep.
Who then could help us escape from the vicious circle of insomnia? We will have to learn to sleep faster, as directed by Zoštšenko.
The spin doctor’s idea: an app for  faster sleep. Just don’t be asleep when the Japanese come to buy it.
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ABC of immigrants
a) The Chinese mitten crab (Eriocheir sinensis) learned crabbing in the Baltic;
b) The Siberian hogweed learned hogging to Estonia;
c) Where have the bag boys disappeared to?
In all terrestrial life good or evil depend only on sensibilities.
I am also convinced of this, for instance, that the Sun is not a hole in the vault of heaven.
Reaading recommendation:
Chris Steringer, Lone Survivors. How we Came to be the only Humans on the Earth. St Martin Grifiin, NY, 2012




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