Forest Camera 2010

Transmission courtesy of  KERNEL and  EENet
Today, on December 22, 2010, the Forest camera again started a new season. A Mobotix web camera is used for recording what goes on. The Ilmatsalu hunters care for the dinner table of the forest residents.
Read here how the Forest camera or Wild Boar TV works:
KERNEL arranges the transmission from the forest to Tartu
EENet multiplies the stream to the viewers as needed.
NB! To see the video in full screen mode double click on the video window.
The video image can be watched without quitting the web page using the web player below; it works with Windows, Linux and Mac operating system.
It needs the Silverlight browser add-on that can be downloaded from here, if you do not already have it. If watching the camera still does not succeed we recommend the VLC Player.

Our partners in the enterprise are:

Translation:  Liis




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