Backyard potter's tales

Backyard Potterer’s year: book dropped into yard

Text and drawings Tiit Kändler
Layout: Eerik Kändler
Teaduslugu 2013
Translation: Liis
Like the first early autumn birch leaf a brand new book dropped into the yard: “Õueonu aasta – Backyard Potterer’s Year“.
The Backyard Potterer has written and drawn about his yard, and the doings in it, in Looduskalender for a long time, the bulk of it from October 2010 to  September 2011, and when the year cycle closed, what did not fit into the bin flowed into the Backyard Potterer´s diaries.
Now all is available as a book, in hard covers.
“Õueonu aasta“ describes the backyard as it might be seen by a nature fan and ponderer. It is for all who are fascinated by nature, garden, landscapes and their ties to everyday life and man’s ideas and concepts.
“Õueonu aasta“ expresses the Potterer’s delight in the backyard such as it reveals itself to an open-minded Backyard Potterer.
You are invited to read about the joys of it, month by month.
The Backyard Potterer is a backyard watcher and thinker, rather than a backyard gardener. Which does not mean that he sometimes is not also a gardener. But the Backyard Potterer’s yard is not limited to the own yard, it goes above and beyond, and sometimes even deeper. The Backyard Potterer always carries the backyard with him. The yard is larger than the yard: having discovered this truth the Potterer is also on the track of the sources of infinity. This he tries to show to his gracious readers.
“Oh, what, I poked some fun too,“ the Backyard Potterer comments and goes out into the yard.
“Ah yes,“ he adds, "in writing and illustrating and reading this book Estonian nature is supported.“
On sale at Apollo and Rahva Raamat.
Estonian original 08.09.2013




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