VIDEO: Beaver in snowy landscape

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If the winter of this year should still continue it is certainly worthwhile to use  the opportunity to visit a beaver lodge  noted in summer – how different its surroundings look in winter! In his video  wildlife filmmaker and theriologist Remek Meel who has studied beavers for years  briefly also presents  a giant beaver lodge that looks truly mysterious in the wintery landscape. The present video is the first of a 10-part serial on beaver subjects that will introduce the activities of Eurasia’s largest rodent during the year.

About the heat periods of our smallest canines

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Images  Kristjan Kaljula
English translation Liis

Estonian text posted 01.03.2019

Daily walk  of fox on Muhu island


Fox; Red fox          Rebane or punarebane      Vulpes vulpes


For the last few weeks I haven’t seen tracks  of foxes in pairs  in nature so the heat period is coming to an end – the foxes stray individually. We see them in action in the jackal camera almost every day.

The heat period of all our canines lasts about two months. Thus the first fox whelps may see the light of the day already in March or at the latest in April.

Screencap from web camera  Balistar, LK forum

Lynx camera ended transmission

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Screencap from webcam  Balistar, LK forum
English translation Liis

Estonian text posted 27.02.2019


Lynx; Eurasian lynx          Harilik ilves            Lynx lynx


Today the camera setup in Elistvere was dismounted.

Our thanks to the doers, the viewers and the LK forum. Even though the camera images were sent from the lynx enclosure at the animal park we still got some insight in the life of lynxes during the year.

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