Buzzards in WTE nest

Web camera image: Ame, LK forum
Transmission courtesy of  Televõrgu AS and EENet
Translation: Liis
A buzzard pair has occupied the nest of white-tailed eagle pair Linda and Sulev. And why should a good spot stay empty? – only a little rearrangement needed for more comfort.
Buzzards are the most common birds of prey in Estonia. Increasingly often they stay here in winter too (mostly in West Estonia). We have seen them in action at the wild boar feeding ground some years ago  and they are annual visitors on the WTE winter feeding ground.
Their number is estimated at five to six thousand pairs. It is quite many, and so they are noticed by observant watchers. The female is slightly larger than the male and a couple of hundred grams heavier – raptors weighing around a kilo on average. In appearance buzzards remind of eagles: broad and spread-out wings, tail often visible. Compared to eagles the head is smaller and the beak weaker. Plumage on upper parts is dark brown, underparts also dark-coloured, across the breast a lighter streak and the plumages of male and female are similar. Plumage colour forms are many. Here the female seems to be a little darker. Time will show how the new residents manage
Later we will look at the egg clutch and the feeding.




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