VIDEO: Beaver – great environment improver

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Posted by the Animal of the Year Team.
Estonian text 24.11.2019

These days when man has changed water networks beyond recognition the activities of beavers can well be seen as restorative. We don’t have to pay  big money to restore a wetland –the beaver does all the work, for free.  .

Of course conflicts between man and beavers will be the greater the more intensely we use land and there are areas where drainage cannot be avoided. The beaver has to retire from such areas. The more then we should encourage the activities of beavers in areas where it does not interfere with human agricultural activities such as for instance in the Emajõe Suursoo.

The dam-building  activities of beavers make habitats for  a multitude of creatures: dead trees attract various woodpecker species; flooded water areas attract even more waterfowl: here is a paradise for frogs, and frogs and rodents in turn attract mustelids such as martens and minks. The beaver is a species that significantly increases biodiversity.

Video: Remek Meel

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